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Katy from Indy with Kids (local blogger with great ideas for fun things to do with kids, and a new friend) just passed a special pink sweater to me. This sweater has been with several special ladies in the Indianapolis area to gain breast cancer awareness as well as raise funds for a local organization. The idea is to wear the sweater, take photos, share and ask for donations for the Pink Ribbon Connection.

When Katy asked if I would participate in the Sisterhood she got me thinking how lucky I am that breast cancer has not reared it’s ugly head in my life with my family. I thank the Lord for that, and pray that it stays away. I also pray that a cure is found for all cancers!

I tried to plan a special event for the sweater as I had nothing special on the calendar for the week the sweater was with me but all my plans kept falling through. So….I had my oldest daughter be my photographer for a little photo shoot with the sweater.

on curb brightened

I paired this pretty pink vintage sweater with a trendy navy maxi skirt and pearls.

on curb only enhancedThe sweater travels in an awesome pinkish vintage suitcase. I thought it needed to be included in the photos.

pearls and powertools niceAnd what goes with pearls?!?! Powertools of course!!! Isn’t that what all DIYer’s wear?

pearls and powertools kinda silly

And a silly pearls and powertools photo because that’s what I do!

pink sweater outtakes

And for more laughs here’s a collage of the outtakes. Some were me being goofy, some where my daughter just non stop pushing the shutter button. I told her I would be mad if she took 10 photos but not if she took 100, knowing it would take a lot to find a few good ones. I expected her know when to push the button though. When I showed my husband all of the photos we were laughing so hard it hurt.

Now that you’ve joined in on my fun with this special pink sweater please take a moment and hope over to The Pink Ribbon Connection and make a donation to this wonderful not-for-profit organization. The Pink Ribbon Connection provides underserved women with information and resources such as bras, wigs, prostheses and other assistance that supports breast cancer diagnosis, care and recovery. To make a donation click the following link to the #sisterhoodofthetravelingpinksweaters section of The pink Ribbon Connection:

The Pink Ribbon Connection

After the sweater’s pearls and powertools photo shoot here it is off to Amy, stay tuned for her post.

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