Make an Inexpensive Patriotic Wreath

Hopefully you are enjoying some time outside with your family. Lately we have been hanging out on our front porch. Over the last few weeks I’ve done a few things to make the area look a little nicer and more comfortable for us to relax in. There are still more things I can do but after I made the Welcome Sign I thought the space was missing something. The only wreath I have made for out there is this Fall Wreath. All of the flowers around the porch are red this year so I decided a patriotic wreath would fit in well. I used things from around the house to make it. So here is how you can Make an Inexpensive Patriotic Wreath too.

Patriotic Wreath

Like I always do I when I get an idea for something I go through my stash of supplies.

Patriotic Wreath


Right away I found a pair of my husband’s old jeans and you know how I love denim blue. I found a red bandanna skirt, of course a regular bandanna would work just the same. For white I am using a white t-shirt. The wire wreath form is from the dollar store so basically to make this wreath it cost me a whopping $1.

Patriotic Wreath

Cut your red white and blue fabrics up into 7 inch x 1 inch strips. ¬†These piles represent an entire pair of men’s jeans cut up, the whole skirt which is equivilent to about 2 bandannas, and all of a white shirt minus the graphic area on the front. While cutting up the jeans leave one strip longer to hang the wreath from (optional)

Patriotic Wreath

Tie the strips to the wire wreath form. I put the red in the center because I had fewer strips and the blue on the outside because I had way more denim strips. I just tied the strips on starting with the red and spreading the knotted strips around.¬†Fluff and you’re ready to show your patriotic creativeness.

Patriotic Wreath

Since our porch is shaded around lunch time we have put a small kids picnic table out there so the kids have lunches there. So far it’s been really nice this spring and I hope we can continue this through the summer.

The wreath ties in nicely with all of the red flowers don’t you think?

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  1. Love the wreath! And the porch looks so inviting.

  2. It looks lovely. That wreath is so cute. Enjoy your porch!

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