Snowflake Wreath

Are you snowed in? We’ve had one snow this year and now it’s melted. With no snow and all of the Christmas decorations down it was looking kinda boring around here. A Snowflake Wreath was called for to give a little wintery touch to our house.

Snowflake Wreath


Here’s what you’ll need to create one of your own to bring a winter feel to your home:

Foam Wreath Form

Old Sweater

Craft Sticks

White Craft Paint

Snowflake Wreat

How to Make it:

Start with laying out the craft sticks to make a snowflake. You can use the craft sticks whole or cut them into pieces to create the perfect flake.  Once you have the pieces the way you want then paint them with craft paint.

Snowflake Wreath






While the paint is drying cut the sleeves off the sweater. Cut an opening in the wreath to open it to slide the sleeves onto the form. Be careful so you don’t pull the wreath form apart into too many pieces. Glue the sleeves to the wreath so it stays in place and has folds and wrinkles in just the right places.

Snowflake Wreath






Glue the craft sticks together into the snowflake you had planned. I wasn’t happy with the center of the snowflake so I added a piece of circle punched paper to the center. Then glue the snowflake to the wreath.

Snowflake Wreath

Do you remember when I shared this project for our Master Bedroom? When I shared that I told you that the window was given to me as a gift from my husband. He brought home 2 for me to do projects will. Late last year I decided to add the second one to our wall as a place to hang seasonal wreaths.

Snowflake Wreath

Do you decorate for winter? Leave a comment with your thoughts on winter and this wreath below.

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