Team Spirit Scarf Friday Night Lights Series

Welcome back to another great idea for Friday Night Lights!!! This week is extra special because I have teamed up with some pretty great bloggers to share even more ideas with you.  Look for the links to their football related ideas at the end of this post.

Here in central Indiana the weather has cooled off for fall. That means it’s scarf season!!! Here is the perfect scarf for any game day!

team spirit scarf

Really I’m not much at sewing so this is super simple to make. I used old t-shirts in team colors of course. IMG_3704I found 1 shirt with a graphic that I planned to use for the scarf. Then measured the graphic to determine the size of my scarf, for the scarf I made that size was 12 in x 8 in. Smoothing out both the front and back of the shirt I used my rotary cutter to cut 2 panels from 3 shirts all 12 in x 8 in.  IMG_3705Then I pinned all the pieces with the short sides together placing right sides together as I pinned so after it was all pinned I had a long line of t-shirt panels. IMG_3708Like I said, I’m no seamstress. I have a basic sewing machine and can sew a semi-straight line. So that’s all I did, I sewed all the panels together.  I could have stopped there but I decided I wanted an infinity scarf so I sewed the 1st and last panel together as well.

spirit scarf


This is so seriously so easy. The hardest part here was finding a shirt that I could cut up with our school name on it. The big kids both told me NO several times, I could not cut up any of their shirts.  Of course I made my scarf for the local schools where my kids go but you could make a scarf for any team, like the Indianapolis Colts!

team spirit scarf

And because I love to show you real photos.


Here are some other great football ideas including some yummy recipes from some great bloggers. Enjoy!
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  1. What a fun idea! My daughter is just about to make her college decision, and she loves scarves! I think I hear a graduation gift idea in the making:)

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