Top 5 Cross Stitch Patterns for “Star Wars” Fans

As the release of the brand new episode of the Star Wars saga is just around the corner, it’s about time to prep for this long-awaited exciting event creatively. Why don’t you combine your passion for the legendary epic space opera with your hobby? Star Wars cross stitch patterns are a perfect match for craftswomen who are fans of the series and will definitely make a great Christmas gift for Star Wars admirers, kids in particular. Here’s my own unbiased chart of the best Star Wars themed patterns I came across:

5. Princess Leia

Proncess Leia embroidery pattern

Princess Leia cross stitch bookmark – check on Amazon

Honestly, it is my firm belief that whoever doesn’t know Princess Leia is probably from another planet. A myriad of thoughts and reminiscences spring to mind as I look at this cross stitch design. They all revolve around the unsurpassed Carrie Fisher who is no longer with us but will live regardless via her final role in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. In my humble opinion, this cross stitch bookmark is true-to-life as it conveys the traits of this noble lady to the fullest. Long story short, this pattern is definitely worthwhile..

  4. Master Yoda

Yoda pattern for cross stiching

Yoda’s wisdom put on canvas

Appearances are deceptive. The Yoda character combines power, wisdom and not-so-appealing looks in the most harmonious way imaginable. Some believe he’s absolutely cute, though. Anyway, getting back to the point, Star Wars fans have been discussing clues from the trailer regarding Yoda’s possible comeback in the upcoming episode. This mystery is soon to be unearthed – personally, I can’t wait. Meanwhile, this awesome cross stitch pattern makes me contemplate the immortality of good things. How about you?

3. Mandalorian

Mandalorian counted cross-stitch pattern

The inexhaustible courage of Mandalorians radiating from this bookmark

This one is truly inspiring. Remember the name of the long-awaited series? Of course you do, and it speaks volumes about the plot.  The ‘Mandalorian’ bookmark pattern instills fear and respect at the same time. Some Star Wars characters come and go, but these tough interstellar knights persevere no matter what. The story of these brave hearts is so enthralling it deserves a separate movie. The spirit of the brave Mandalorian warriors in every stitch – that’s the magic you end up getting from this pattern.

2. Baby Yoda

It’s hard to think of a cross stitch pattern more cute for the forthcoming release than the legendary Jedi Master being The Child. What makes it complete, though, is the famous quote “This Is The Way” and Mandalorian Order symbol on the top.

1. Star Wars – 7-in-1 cross stitch kits

Star Wars cross stitch kits

Star Wars embroidery bookmarks – set of 7 cross stitch kits

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewie, Yoda, Darth Vader… These names grab your attention and don’t let go. I think this bookmark set is a masterpiece because it evokes a bunch of emotions and childhood memories. Doesn’t it? If you want to literally touch the legend and always keep it at your fingertips, these cross stitch designs are a godsend.

Out of these favorite Star Wars themed patterns of mine, I have completed the Yoda bookmark so far and really fell for it from the get-go. The silhouette of Darth Vader is next on my to-do list before the release. If you like these ones too, check all the other fun cross-stitch with Star Wars at Amazon.

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