Blinged Out Thrifted Sweater

Hey At Home with Sweet T Friends today’s post is from a special guest, my oldest daughter Lissy. She is sharing how she turned a thrifted sweater in to something dazzling. I guess you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to creativity here. She may be using her 13 year old fashion sense for this project but I think she is lucky we aren’t the same size. Hehe!!! Tell me if you would wear this Bling Out Thrifted Sweater too?

Blinged Out Thrifted Sweater

Hey guys, this is Lissy! Today I Blinged Out this sweater I found at Goodwill yesterday. I wanted to do this because I was inspired by my favorite Youtuber, Eva Gutowski. I really started liking fashion and thought this was a good project to add to my fashion collection and saving money.

Here’s the Pink cropped sweater by Delia’s I found at Goodwill. I also found these jewels at a craft store.

I placed the jewels in two rows at the neckline in no certain pattern.

Once I had the jewels the way I wanted I used E6000 glue to stick them to the sweater. Before using the glue you should put paper or something inside the sweater so you don’t glue your sweater shut.  Let the glue dry.

I paired my new Blinged Out Sweater with these cute Roxy laced shorts I also thrifted at Goodwill.

These Hollister capris with the sweater will look great on a chilly summer night or this fall.

I’m happy about how this sweater turned out. You might see me wearing it on Instagram, you can follow me here, @llissyyyy   If you DIY a blinged out thrifted sweater be sure to tag me on IG, I’d really like to see it.

Thanks for stopping by At Home with Sweet T, and thanks mom for letting post on your blog.


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