Convert your pantry into an office space

Hi All!!! I have mentioned a few times recently that we have done some work in our kitchen, Phase 1, and have more work ahead, Phase 2. I wanted to share all of the changes that happened in Phase 1 but really have no before pictures so you can see the transformation. Hopefully I won’t forget to get some pictures before we began Phase 2.

convert your pantry into an office space
One big change we made in our kitchen was to turn our pantry into an office. We have quickly outgrown our home but have a huge need for office space.
Here is a terrible before of our pantry. Just a basic closet type space with bi-fold doors. What a mess!!!

This gives a better idea of the space in process.
 This before pic shows the horrible floor we had. It was a terrible vinyl fake wood with a nice bright sheen.

Our first step was to remove the bi-fold doors and the tracks. Then we removed all of the shelves, brackets and braces for those shelves.  We saved 1 shelf, and I’ll show you where that came in below.

While updating the kitchen we painted all of the walls including this office space in a nice gray color.

My husband (have I mentioned what an awesome carpenter he is) built 4 cabinets for the office space. The 2 uppers are 28 in x 16in x 12in

The 2 lowers are 32.5 in x 16 in x 24in.  Since you don’t have my husband to build your custom cabinets (although, you can hire him if your local) stock cabinets from a building supplies store will work too.

After the cabinets were installed we added countertop. We had this piece of countertop in the garage, it was actually a part of my son’s room a few years ago but he has since changed rooms as our family grew.  This is basic stock countertop that can be found at most building supply stores. Ours is cut to 60 in to fit our space.

The saved shelf was painted white with the cabinets and added to the top of the uppers. It just adds more storage for this small space.

I’ll be sharing some more projects for this space as I decorate and add office things to stay organized.

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