Make some Ghostie Cookies!

I have been making these Ghostie Cookies for a long time now and couldn’t wait until October to make them. I make myself wait until October before I decorate or do anything for Halloween.
When my oldest saw the Nutter Butter he knew exactly what was coming.
These are so easy and oh so Yummy!
You only need 3 ingredients:
Nutter Butters
White Chocolate/Almond Bark
and Chocolate Chip regular or mini’s
I’m sure you really don’t need directions but here they are anyway.
1. Melt white chocolate
2. Dip Nutter Butter into the melted white chocolate
3. Add 2 chocolate chips for eyes
4. Allow to dry
5. ENJOY!!!
My daughter helped tonight and put all the eyes on. We tried them with the pointy end up and down. My daughter like them with the pointy end up, I liked them with the pointy end down. Which way would you add eyes?
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