Swimming Subway Art Free Printable

Swimming Subway Art

Swimming Subwat Art

Swim Season is upon us. Well for us Middle School Swim season has just begun. If you follow me on Instagram you see me posting pics of my swimmer girl all the time. She pretty much swims year round. Recently, at a meet there was a vendor selling subway art for swimmers. It was kinda pricey and my daughter liked it but didn’t like all of it or all the words and sayings so I decided to create something she would like and something I could afford. I created this Swimming Subway Art on PicMonkey fairly easily so if it doesn’t fit your swimmer exactly or your kiddo’s sport then hop over there and create something for your star (Directions below). If you do like it you can print it out for free, I’m not charging you to download it, where you actually print it might not be free. 😉

My daughter requested hers to be bright pink and white. All of the printables were created to be 8×10 size. I uploaded mine to our local Walmart 1 hour photo center instead of printing it from home. I think all that pink would have emptied an ink cartridge. It was under $3 to have it printed. I also snagged this basic boring frame at Goodwill while I was out picking up her print.

frame for printable

A couple coats of white paint and the frame was looking new and fabulous.

Then we added her Subway art and hung it on her wall. Easy breezy.  Lissy’s in hanging right next to her Swim Ribbon Display.

Swimming Subway ArtGet your Free Printable Here

I played around with different color combinations so hopefully you will find your favorite or your teams colors. Just click the words under the image you like and save it.

Swim Printable

Swimming Subway ArtSwimming Subway Art

Swimming Subway Art
Swimming Subway Art

Swimming Subway Art

Swimming Subway Art

Yellow and Navy swim printable

Swimming Subway Art

Swimming Subway Art

Swimming Subway art
Swimming Subway Art

teal and gray swim printable

Swimming Subway Art

Swimming subway art

Directions to make your own Subway Art

1. Go to PicMonkey.com. Hover over “Design” then a slide down window will appear for you to select the size you want to design.

2. It should start you out with canvas color. Check the transparent canvas box. Click apply. You should have a gray and white check board. (Don’t worry it will go away when you save it)


3. On the far left click the “Tt” icon for Text. Find a font you would like and click on it. Then at the top click Add Text. A box will appear that says “type your text here.” Click inside that box and type. Another box should have appeared too with other options like color. Leave the color black for now. If you want you can change the font size here, if you aren’t sure you can change it later too.  You can move the text you typed to any place on the canvas or you can turn it on its side.

4. Continue doing the steps above for all words and phrases you want to add to your subway art. You can use the same font for all words or change it for each. If you don’t like a font simply highlight the word and click a different font. Play around with word placement until you are satisfied with your creation.

5. Click Save at the top. Select where on our computer you would like to save it. As you are naming it to be saved you will have to add .png to the end. If you don’t or forget it will remind you.

6. Now go back to PicMonkey’s home page. Repeat step 1.

7. This time when choose the canvas color that you would like to be the background to your words. Then click apply.

8. Now click on the butterfly for “overlays” on the far left. At the top of that menu select Your Own. Your going to open the words that you saved in the above steps. You will have to stretch your words to the same size as the colored canvas you just created. When you opened your overlay there will also be a box with options like size and color. This is when you can change your font color. It’s much easier to change it all at once than to change the color when you added each word or phrase.

9. Once you have the background to the right color and all the words the right color click save at the top and tell it where to save. Don’t forget the .png.

10. Print!

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