Display for Sports Ribbons- Repurpose Project

Ready for more Craigslist love?!?! Today, I’m showing you how I re-purposed a free crib into a display for my daughter’s swim ribbons. Oh yeah, I said FREE!!! I found a free crib listed on Craigslist awhile back. I’m pretty sure the “seller” didn’t want the crib to go to someone with a baby since it was an old, now un-safe drop-side style crib. So, I was happy to take it to see how many projects I could make from it. This is project #1 from the crib. I hope my daughter loves it as much as I do.
For this project I used the drop-side:

I removed the plastic hardware, easy breezy. Then, grabbed a can of white satin spray paint and got to work. It’s been a long time since I’ve spray painted anything. Here’s a helpful hint: don’t wear your favorite black shorts when spraying white paint. (doh!)
It took 2 cans to cover the dark brown. After it was dry and wiped clean I added pop-tab style hook thingies to the two now vertical pieces. I had my daughter gather all of her ribbons. We used a hole punch and put holes near the top of the ribbons then added string.
Here it is all done:
Now for a little bragging (every mom has the right to brag in my opinion)-These ribbons are from her first season of competitive swimming. I am so happy she has found an activity she loves and is good at. She is only 10 but we have tried almost every option out there- softball, basketball, soccer, and dance and none of them stuck with her like swimming. She’s part fish, I tell ya. Makes this momma’s heart smile when a coach tells you how hard she is working and to see her improve all season. This project was a way to show her how proud I am of her hard work. I’m looking forward to watching her add more ribbons to her new display!
I have a lot of crib leftover so I see some more great projects to come.
Have a great week!

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