Quick Easy Scavenger Hunt

I wanted to quickly share with you a quick and easy Scavenger Hunt. I know I’m not the first person to think of sending kids into the woods on a scavenger hunt. This is how we did it, that’s all.
First, a little background about why we did a scavenger hunt. We visit my husband’s parent about once a month along with my sister in law and her family. So, we were all getting ready to head down to the in laws (only a 30 min drive), packing up a dessert, diaper bag etc. and all of a sudden I got a brilliant idea for the kiddos to do. I quickly grabbed some brown paper bags and the baby’s crayons. Since my youngest nephew is 4 and not exactly reading yet I drew a circle in several different colors and wrote the color name next to it for the older kids. Then I thought of some other descriptive words like, bumpy, smooth, long, and round.

I asked my oldest to help his youngest cousin some, and to stay close to him. The other two were instructed to not rush through it and pick up the first thing they found that fit each category but to look for something they found that was interesting that applied to that category.
Ready, set, go!!!
They loved it! Once everyone said they had something for every category I had the kids show each other what they found. Even while they were sharing, they were still looking for neat things like this cool red spider:
The spider and all the geodes were the stars of the hunt. Some of the items found became treasures that we took with us. On the hike back up to the house I was asked if we could have another scavenger hunt. I’m already thinking of a new spin to add to it.

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