Wings for a Buzz Costume

After I shared that Sadie was going to be a bee for Halloween what did you guess Nolan would be? I told you the costumes went together in a corny way. He is Buzz! Get it bee and buzz? I know CORNY!!! Today I’ll share how we made wings for a Buzz Costume.

glowing buzz lightyear wings for halloween

I say we because my husband was a big big help with this, we make a great team! I found a great Buzz Lightyear Costume at a consignment shop for $8 and he loved it but it didn’t have wings. The wings are the cool part of Buzz right? If you aren’t lucky like me to find a Buzz costume at a great price I know one can be made from paint and a sweat shirt and pants.

We googled Buzz Lightyear wings for inspiration for shape and colors. What we used was basically form board. My husband had some scrap foam board type material in his shop but it had an advertisement on it. He drew the shape of the wings on the board using squares and rulers for the straight parts and random cans and things for the circular parts such as a can of stain and a knob. He cut the wings out using a jigsaw. Since the board had an add on it he applied a coat of primer to both sides.

Then it was my turn to work some magic with some craft paints. I used the same image to select paints in Buzz Lightyear colors. I used painters tape to get the red and white stripes.  I didn’t bother paining the part of the wings that would be against Nolan’s back.

In that unpainted area I used hot glue to add two strips of ribbon spaced to about where Nolan’s shoulder blades would be. Also using hot glue I added glow sticks. The then kind. I bought an 8 pack in both green and purple, cracked and shook them before gluing them on. I can pull them off easily and add new glow sticks when we need.

I attached the wings to Nolan’s costume by using safety pins on the ribbon that was added.

To Infinity and beyond or Trick or Treat or something like that.

Two years ago I shared Nolan’s shark costume, look how much that kiddo grew!

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P.S. Super big Shout out to my wonderful husband!

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