Why You Need a Laundry Schedule

Recently I told you about how I’m working towards a better me (Eat Better, Move More), where I shared a plan for myself. More than just eating and exercising I need to get more organized/routine/scheduled etc. An easy thing that I have done that is working great is to create a laundry schedule and you need to do it too. Here’s Why You Need a Laundry Schedule:

Laundry Schedule

1. It will help you stay organized

For real this has been life changing for me. I add laundry and what loads I’m doing to my daily agenda. No more trying to prioritize what load to do or realizing at the end of the day I didn’t do any or enough laundry. Life Changing! With a family of 6 I have to do laundry every day if not I could drown in the the piles. Not only is this keeping your organized, the whole family is organized.

2. Get out the door on time

Here’s the type scenario that was happening way to often: I allowed ourselves just enough time to get the kids dressed before we needed to leave. We start the process of removing jammies and deciding what we should wear to school (or wherever). My son has selected his favorite red shorts under soft pants (what he calls athletic pants) and blue shirt. Open his dresser drawers and the blue shirt is not there, check the pile on top of the dresser and it’s not there either. I ask him to put his shorts and pants on while I hunt the blue shirt. He proceeds to play or follow me around instead of getting dressed as I finally locate the blue shirt at the bottom of the laundry basket under a wet towel. NO! Back to the dresser drawers to find another acceptble shirt. After making unreasonable demands for a piece of gum in exchange for wearing a different shirt that day we discover the soft pants that are clean don’t match the shirt we had to wear…..we are late!!!

Seriously, I made that about my son but it happens to me just as much – Where is my navy blue sweater? Having this laundry schedule keeps most every thing clean and the other part of this laundry plan is to have everything

3. Your clothes will look nice and clean

Having a schedule and plan will eliminate clothes sitting in the dryer (or washer because who hasn’t rewashed musty clothes.) I know from mom friend and facebook that a lot of us make piles of clean clothes and skip the folding process. Sticking to this plan and adding laundry time to your agenda makes the job so much easier. Washing regularly and doing the chore until complete each time will take less time than the current hodge podge system that must of us use.

4. It will Get Your Family Involved

Regardless if you have teens or little kids having a schedule will create ways to get the family involved in the chore. With your schedule posted everyone will know what you will be washing each day (or not washing). They can plan accordingly. For example my teens can see that I’m washing a load of lights on Tuesday but not again until  Thursday so if they need something between then they better get it to the laundry room. Here’s a shocker my oldest son actually said “hey, since today is darks and I need my uniform washed I’ll start that load now.” Which is progress from asking for his uniform to be washed an hour before he needs to leave for work (see #2 above.)  Spouses can do the same. For little kids have them help sort and put away, get them involved!

Before You Start Your Schedule:

A lot of thought goes into making a laundry schedule. Here are a list of questions to ask yourself before making your schedule:

How many do you do laundry for?

What types and colors of clothes does your family wear most?

How do you sort your clothes?

Are there any days of the week that are busier than others?

Are there special clothes needed for specific days of the week? (uniforms, praticeware etc)

In general think about what has worked and hasn’t worked with your current laundry system. Set aside a big chunk of time either one day or over a few to do massive laundry to get everything clean. You know that only 15 second window in life when all the laundry is done? Try to find it because it will make doing this laundry schedule thing much easier. On a laundry schedule you will get that “all the laundry is clean” feeling daily. Between loads grab a paper and pencil and draft out a schedule with all the answers to the above questions in mind. I say with a pencil so you can adjust it as you go. Do a load of laundry every day, even the busy days. Once your happy with a schedule make it more permanent. You can use paper and pencil, or get crafty with scrapbook supplies, use a document program and type it up or use free sites like Picmonkey or Canva to create your own printable. I used Canva to create mine:

That is my washing schedule. A Laundry Schedule should also include sorting, folding and putting away. If you need to in your prep days set up a sorting and folding area. My laundry room is in our garage, not ideal but I make it work with a table for folding that hasbaskets under for sorting clothes.

Ok now go make a laundry schedule and see how it is a total game changer! Let me know in the comments if your current laundry system is like I described my before!

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