Whatever Wednesdays and Date Nights

Happy Wednesday!!! Today’s post isn’t crafty and no tools or creativity involoved here. My blog has always been to inspire you to do for your home and family. So today’s post is about what we have started doing on Wednesdays. For a few years most Wednesdays have been referred to as Whatever Wednesday. That meant you were on your own for dinner. And usually there were leftovers from the previous meals that week to warm up, lunch meat to throw together sandwiches, or cereal and milk all on hand for Whatever. Well, my two oldest (my bigs) appetities are out of control!!! Both are fully involved in a sport that make them starving each day when the get home therefore we don’t end up with many left overs now a days.  With the bigs being so involved I really don’t get much alone time with them. The littles are getting older and easier to leave for a few hours too. So, now we have Whatever Wednesdays with date night.

My husband and I gave up date nights when Nolan came along and only went out for special occasions. We were using babysitters during football season just so we could both go to watch our oldest son play football.

Here’s how it works for us. So now every Wednesday I make sure there is something to eat or throw together quickly for those that will be home. Whatever is FINE!!! Each of the 4 oldest family members gets a Wednesday-Jackson, Rex, Lissy and myself. We can chose to eat at home with everyone then head out for dessert or shopping or whatever. Or we can go out to eat, Whatever we want to do. Jackson is a Junior this year so I’m guessing this won’t last much longer than his high school career but I could be wrong. And when he out grows mom time then Nolan will be in school more and can probably benefit from some special mom or dad time too. The date nights aren’t just for me. If the kiddos have something they would rather do with Rex then it’s Dad date night.

Did you notice I get a Wednesday? Most will probably be a date with my husband who I love so so much. But, I may take advantage of my day to be completely alone. I can’t even think when that happened last.

This idea isn’t to break the bank either. My first date with Jackson was to the cheap movies, $4 total for our 2 tickets-that’s what I’m talking about. My husband and I had a nice dinner. I have to remind Lissy that these aren’t “let’s see how much we can spend dates” either, because her choice always involves shopping or the mall.

What brought on the date nights? I belong to a mom’s group and we recently had a speaker just talking about motherhood. She has older kids out of the house already and it really hit home that they grow up so fast. And then I saw this quote “be the mom you want them to remember.” Sniff, sniff right? I want my kiddos to be great parents some day and I know that really starts with me. These dates are just a few hours long but should be memorable.


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