Caregiver Thank You Gift Tag Free Printable

This is the perfect month to share a simple way to say thank you. About twice a month I meet with a mom’s group at a local church, our group is called Mom’s Time Out or MTO. It’s kinda like MOPS. A group of moms are assigned a mentor mom and we all sit together at the same table and have breakfast and we have different speakers or activities throughout the year. Where are all of our kiddos? That’s the best part, we have wonderful volunteers taking care of our littles so we can have a few hour break. LOVE IT!!! The group of moms that I am with got together to make a gift for our wonderful caregivers. Some moms made cookies, some brought fresh fruit. I designed these Caregiver Thank You Gift Tag for the gifts.



Caregiver thank you gift tag free printable

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I used PicMonkey to make the simple tags. Then had them printed on cream cardstock. Using my paper cutter I cut them apart into individual cards.

Cutting thankful tags

We assembled the gift baskets with the cookies and fruit in pretty fall colored bowls, then wrapped them in cellophane, and tied off the cellophane with tissue leaves with wire stems. The cards were attached to the wire.

Caregiver Thank you gift tags printable

I think the gifts turned out great! And I hope all of our super sweet caregivers know how thankful we are for their time spent loving our littles.

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