Thanksgiving Luminaries

Well Halloween few by with a chill and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Good grief!!! Today I am sharing Thanksgiving Luminaries. These would make great hostess gifts. Yeah I had that thought after I made just one set. They were easy enough I should make another set for my mother-in-law as she always cooks way too much delicious food for us on Thanksgiving. Or I might give her this set.

Yes I’m sharing luminaries again. Of course you remember the Spooky Halloween Luminaries from a few weeks ago right? Similar idea, but this time I’ve added a touch of gold and burlap. This was my first time using burlap. Here’s how I made them:

Using Rustoleum Frosted glass spray 2 dollar store vases

frosted vases with spray paint

Next cut burlap into 3 inch wide strips. The strips need to be a little longer than the circumference of the vase.

burlap strips used to make Thanksgiving Luminaries

Gold is so popular and it really fits Thanksgiving to me. Does that make sense. So I added a gold rim to the luminaries. To get the gold rim I traced the vases mouth onto a paper plate with a pencil. Then poured gold paint on top of the circle. Dip the vase mouth into the gold paint carefully. If you drop the vase into the paint square on the air from inside the vase could make the paint splatter up onto the vase. Yes I’m speaking from experience here. OOOPS!!! If that happens quickly wipe of the splattered paint. To avoid splatters tip the vase and place into the paint at an angle and rotate the edges around into the paint.

how to add gold rim to vases

You can use stencils or make your own to say “Give Thanks.” I made a stencil out of cardstock and my Cricut. Using the Storybook Cartridge, making the letters at 3/4 inch.

make stencil with Cricut to make Thanksgiving Luminaries

I used painters tape to hold the stencil onto the burlap. Then pounced black craft paint with a foam brush until the letters were completely black.

using stencil to make Thanksgiving Luminaries

Use a glue gun to apply the burlap to the vases.

I like the vases both with the flicker lights and without.

Thanksgiving luminaires

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