My 40 Fave Turning 40 in 40 days

My 40 Fave

because I’m turning 40 in 40 days!

Yep you read that right! I will be 40 in 40 days. So for the next 40 days I’m going to celebrate the big day here on the blog with you. What better way to celebrate?!?! Here are my 40 fave-my top favorite things in different categories. I’m sure my faves will show my age. This list of favorites came together thanks to a friend named Kelly and my sister Kelly and a mix up by me texting both when I meant to just text one. Hey it happens. Thanks Kellys

Ok that was seriously hard to do. Did you notice a blank? Yeah I couldn’t seriously pick a favorite dessert. I LOVE dessert. Some of the others were difficult to answer but dessert, you’d think that would be an easy one. LOL  Could you list favorite things in 40 different categories? What on my list surprised you. There are a few that you just knew you’d see too right?

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