Update a side table with paint and wrapping paper

Update a side table

How about a side table update? This side table came with my husband. I believe he bought a sectional and recliner and the table was part of the deal. This was before me of course. Well, since we merged furniture and moved the table has gotten dinged up and overused along the way. I guess we don’t believe in coasters because the top has a lot of water damage. It is time for an update- with paint and wrapping paper!

Side table updated

Here is the table before with the water damage.

There is a groove around the side of the table and all the way around the top. I want those grooves to be white so when I painted with the blue color I was careful to not get paint in the grooves. I’m using a Valspar 8 oz container of paint in Hotel St. Francis Blue.  Notice I didn’t paint the top inside the indention, that’s where I’m using wrapping paper.

Once the blue paint was dry I cut this neat wrapping paper to fit inside that groove.  This wrapping paper is made of stone, yes you read that right, STONE! Here’s the label because I thought it was crazy too.

With Mod Podge I adhered the wrapping paper to the table top. Then covered the top with several more coats of Mod Podge to seal it nicely. Now the toughest part-Those GROOVES! Why couldn’t I just leave them blue?! It took several coats of white paint to cover the original dark color of the grooves. And I don’t have the steadyist of hands so it was a mess. I ended up doing another coat of blue to hide my white groove painting mistakes. Ha!

After all that work take a guess on what I’ll be working on soon? Yep, we need COASTERS.

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