DIY Denim Coasters

DIY Denim Coasters

I’m still very happy with my updated side table but haven’t really used it. I mean a table beside the couch is there to hold my drink right? Nobody was allowed to put a cup on that table until now. I made denim coasters. Have you noticed a common theme in the projects I’ve shared for our family room? Blue. It’s my favorite color and I’ve decided to embrace that and surround myself in the color. Denim is the perfect shade of blue because it’s dark and faded, there is just a comfort to me in denim. Here’s a DIY Denim Coaster for you to protect your favorite table too.

DIY Denim Coasters

These Denim Coasters were easily made with an old pair of jeans, scissors (and/or rotary cutter) and a glue gun.

You’re gonna cut the jeans into strips. To start cut off the bottom hem.

Then cut up the side seams and around so you have a seam free panel of denim.

Cut the denim into 1 inch strips.

Tie a knot into the end of the strip. Try to make the knot as flat as possible. The knot will be the center of your coaster. You want the knot to be near the end but also leaving enough of a tail to hide under the coaster.

Now start twisting the denim, as you twist glue the denim. So twist and glue and twist and glue. Be very careful and remember that hot glue is HOT!

Once you have used one strip and want the coaster to be bigger you can simply add another strip by gluing to the tail of the first strip. Don’t use too much glue to be too stiff to twist. Let that glue seam dry and keep twisting and gluing, twisting and gluing.

When you have reached your desired coaster size tuck the tail under the coaster and glue it down too.

Tip: If your coaster isn’t flat carefully set a cup of hot liquid on the coaster for a few minutes. It should warm the glue without melting it entirely allowing you to reshape it.

Now I can read and use my table to hold my Sweet Tea, what else would you expect. :)

I think they look pretty good on the table too.

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