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I’m happy to share some exciting updates to my daughter’s room! -Furniture. Her room is really coming along with this big project done. This Headboard and Dresser are Boho Chic perfect for her room. She is super excited with all the updates and changes happening in there. I’m super excited about building and making this headboard. You know I love a good repurposing project! This project is my submission to The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest! Each month a group of creative bloggers flip a piece of furniture. Oh my goodness you have to see all the projects that have been a part of The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. So many amazing ideas! I participated a few months back when I created the Clock table for my Mother-in-law. The theme for this month’s contest is “Icing on the Cake,” doesn’t that sound lovely?

So what did I repurpose for this project? This headboard started out as a dresser mirror. A friend asked me if I had a use for this mirror, if I didn’t take it she was sending it to Goodwill. It’s hard for me to turn down free project materials so I of course said yes. I loved the lines and shape of the mirror. We didn’t need a mirror, and we didn’t need another chalkboard. What we needed was a headboard. It turns out the mirror was the perfect size to be a headboard. So the wheels started turning, I knew I could make some minor adjustments and stick it at the head of her bed, but I wanted to change it up to be very useful in her room. I wanted to give her a headboard that would last if her style changes soon.

So here is the mirror from my sweet friend. Great shape right?!?!

The first step was to remove the back panel and staples to get the mirror off carefully. The mirror will be added back at the end.

Remember her room started with a loft. I kept most of the pieces from the loft to use on other projects, like this. To make this mirror tall enough to be used as a headboard it needed “feet” or legs or something to go from the floor and also attach the bed frame to it. I had 2×4’s to use and ended up cutting them down to fit the sides of the mirror and still allow room for the box for the shelves(below).

Basically for the shelves we created a book case and secured it to the cut 2×4’s and to the mirror.

The front of the mirror had a small detail at the top that we removed with just some putty knives and sanding the glue away. Then it was ready for paint. We had a tough time deciding what color to paint the headboard. My daughter already had some white furniture but we didn’t want everything to be matchy-matchy. Really Boho Chic is more eclectic anyway. I’ll share her desk soon which is not white but lots of colors that we had to consider. We finally decided to go with black. For time purposes I spray painted the entire unit first with a flat black spray paint with primer then the final coats were with semi-gloss.

Once it was all painted, black painted corner trim was added on three sides. We used scrap pieces of wood cut to be the width of the mirror as spacers. 3 pieces were added then the mirror could be slide in from the top into the gap left. For extra security we used liquid nail on the trim pieces but only on the part that would be against the wood, not the mirror side. The final piece of trim was added to the top with lots of brads to keep everything in place.

For stability another board was added between the legs with pocket screws. Then the headboard was secured to the bed frame and set in place.

The title says a dresser too. So another friend was getting rid of a dresser and asked if we wanted it. My daughter really needed a bigger dresser. When I originally decided to participate in this contest I was going to really makeover this dresser. Can you believe both pieces were from different friends, both named Amy? I think they look like they belong together!!!

Since we have some white painted furniture, now a black headboard, and a piece with paint and stain we decided to leave the dresser as is. It was in such good shape. A quick change out of knobs was easy but the perfect thing to update the dresser to fit in with everything else. These knobs are called Betsy Fields Design Black Petal from D Lawless Hardware. Love them! The knobs and D.Lawless.

We only needed 10 knobs for the dresser but I ordered 15 from D Lawless. 2 of the knobs updated this white piece we are using as a nightstand. And 3 knobs top some the boho jars you see in her headboard. (I’ll share how to make those soon.)

When I heard the theme for this month’s contest was “Icing on the Cake” I immediately thought of the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Do you remember the ad line for jewelry in that movie? “Frost Yourself!” They both say the same thing. I felt like we were at the stage in this room makeover to add some frosting or icing to her room. The semi gloss paint and the mirror on the headboard we made is certainly icing on her bed. But the small touches of just some knobs really are bringing her room together. I still have more projects in mind for this space but the headboard was a big deal. It really grounds her room now to have that big statement piece there.

Like I said this contest happens each month and is brought to you by the lovely ladies pictured above. Michelle had a great project here you should check out. Evey from Evey’s Creations did a makeover you can’t miss either.  If you would like more information to participate in The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest you can contact either Stacy at info@Anastasiavintage.com or Evey at info@eveyscreations.com    I’d love to see your furniture flips too. If you want to see some of the current projects you can search using #FabFlippinContest

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