Boho Jars

Can you guess who’s room this post is for? We are working on details big and small to turn my oldest daughter’s room into a cool Boho Chic hang out for her. You can see the before of her room here. Today I wanted to share a simple small project but it’s little things like these Boho Jars that make redecorating a room fun.

I really love turning something that would be trashed (or hopefully recycled) into something pretty and useful. Repurposing or upcycling are my favorite kind of projects. For these jars I simply started with empty pickle jars.

I used Goof off to remove the labels. I seriously recommend wearing rubber gloves for this. One of these boogers was on there good, took a lot of elbow grease to get that label off.

Once the labels were off and the jars cleaned really well I moved on to the lids. I used a 1/8 in drill to put holes in the center of each lid.

The lids were then off to get a quick spray of black paint. I placed the lids on paint bottles to elevate them enough to spray the underside of the rim.

Now for the fun part! Doodle away. With just a paint marker doodle whatever design you like onto the jars. I used a gold paint marker but any color would look good. I did all 3 jars a little different. For the first I started in the center and doodled outwards creating a sunburst type image. For the second jar I started by doodling around the jar with different lines. The third jar is very random doodling. They all turned out great.

When the lids are dry you can add knobs using the holes previously drilled. I drilled the hole before painting because sometimes the drill can slip and scratch paint.

I love the handmade-not perfect look they have, I think that is a key to pulling off a good Boho project.  I let my daughter fill her jars with her personal items. I should have expected a teen to pick make up and accessories to store in her new Boho Jars. She did a good job picking good colors too.

Don’t you think the Boho Jars fit in well in her room. I think they coordinate well with her bedding and I’m still super happy with the way her headboard turned out.

Grab your jars and some paint markers and create something fun storage too. What designs will you make?

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