Boho Chic Teen Room Inspiration

mWe have been meaning to update my oldest daughter’s bedroom for awhile now but could never come up with a plan past gutting it. Finally she  shows me some pins and mentions the style “Boho Chic!” So now we have direction and I’m ready to tackle her room. This post will share our beginning steps, you know the gutting and getting to a blank slate to build on. And we’ll share all of our Boho Chic Teen Room Inspiration ideas. We’ll come back and share the process along the way with projects.

So yeah that’s her room…clean by her standards. We have our work cut out for us. My husband made the loft for her as a surprise gift a few years ago. Had we known she was going to be as tall as me at age 12, we wouldn’t have gone with a loft. She quickly outgrew it and it became awkward to sleep up there. Since she moved her bed below she has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She has been using the loft mostly as storage. She tried to convince me to leave the loft so she could make it her hang out spot but nothing really fits up there.


Our next steps will be:

    1. Remove the loft
    2. Clean, toss, and organize her belongings
    3. Paint the room.

We have been pinning ideas like crazy. You can follow our Boho Chic Pin Board here.


Make/Build a headboard with shelves

Update furniture with paint and hardware



We have big plans for her space. I love that this is something we can do together. We will share our process here so stay tuned.

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