Fall Porch

Fall is finally here!!! I just love fall, the weather is usually perfect and inviting to just sit and relax. We spend our evenings in the front yard and on the front porch. Over the summer the porch got to be a cluttered mess from grass cutting shoes, toys, baseball equipment etc. The mess was on my last nerve so I cleared everything out and decided to make it my happy place this fall. In fact, I am enjoying our Fall Porch right now as I write this post.


Did you see me on Periscope when I unboxed the paint? The super nice folks at Krylon sent 6 cans of Dark Bronze Metallic spray paint!!! That’s another reason I went a little spray paint crazy, there was so much of it but it all looked so good. Don’t you love how spray paint gives new life to something? I met some of the Krylon people at the longest yard sale with some bloggers and we watched Amy Devers as she spray painted so many things for the Krylon Pinterest Yard Sale.

This is the bench glider that my dad found on the curb in his neighborhood a couple of years ago. The seat is dented some but that was easily fixed when my husband turned it upside down and stepped on it to push it back in place. It’s just in need of a good cleaning and an update. So that’s what I did with a brush and soap I cleaned it and scrubbed it down.

It is so hard to show you this metallic color in pictures but it’s gorgeous. That’s the other reason I couldn’t stop. It comes out sparkly, it was just what the bench needed and well so many other things.

How about a Harvest sign? It adds a nice touch to our all porch and was the first thing I thought to make when I decided the whole porch needed more Dark Bronze Metallic love.

These little pumpkin tins have been around for YEARS, hence the rust and sadness look to them. Krylon Dark Bronze Metallic paint to the rescue! I’ll turn them around to show the cut out faces when I change out the decor for Halloween.

It might be small but the handle on this drawer was the perfect little spot to add a touch of bronze.

Pillows? Yep, I may have gone over board with these but I couldn’t help myself, the ideas to finish the porch just kept coming, I’ll blame it on this color for being so inspiring. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that I love fall!!!

Don’t you just love mums? Opps another mum found it’s way home with me from the store but I didn’t have a place to plant it. A quick hunt through my son’s room turned up this bucket. He enjoyed the treats out of it but didn’t know what to do with it and didn’t want to throw it away, good kid huh? The Dark Bronze Metallic provided great coverage over the graphics on the bucket, the Sasquatch is gone!

krylon welcome and wreath

Details for some of the above projects from our fall porch will be coming soon. For information on the wreath with denim by the door click here. The welcome sign instructions can be found here. The sign had an accident and fell so I had to replace the succulent “W” with a new “W” that I spray painted with the bronze paint.

How do you decorate your porch for fall? I highly recommend adding touches of Dark Bronze Metallic to you fall decorating, it’s like the perfect fall color! I mean seriously, it goes with everything from the colorful mums to the denim to the blue chevron and lets not forget the life it gave to our bench!

Below is my Amazon store full of great products to help you achieve a fabulous fall porch and more ideas for fall. This store is an affiliate link which means if you purchase anything I will receive commission for those purchase. Don’t worry you aren’t paying anymore for the same Amazon products, the prices are the same it’s just a perk for me for putting together the list.

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