Quick Wreath with Denim Flowers

Quick Wreath with Denim Flowers

Wreath with Denim Flowers

Remember when I shared our Denim Coasters? I told you about my love for blue and how I was adding it everywhere I could. I’m adding pops of blue to our family room. This time it’s with this Quick Wreath with Denim Flowers. Denim is just the best blue to work with in my opinion.

Here’s what I used:

Chevron burlap roll

Styrofoam wreath form

old jeans

To start I wrapped the chevron burlap roll around and around the Styrofoam wreath to cover it. I’ve had this burlap roll for awhile, I’ve seen something similiar in a few craft and discount stores, if you need Amazon has a huge selection too like this one: Burlap roll. Once wrapped, I secured the end with hot glue on the back side of the wreath and cut off the excess.

Denim flowers

The denim for the flower accents are from the same pair of jeans I made the Denim Coasters out of. I’m getting lots of use out of those worn out jeans huh? I made 3 flowers for this wreath, 2 are alike and one is different.

To make the 2 flowers that look alike you’ll  need 4 circles from the denim. I traced the bottom of a cup that had about a 2 inch diameter for the circles, then cut them out.  You’ll need a 5th circle that is smaller than the other 4 that will be used as the base, it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle as it won’t be seen at all. Now fold all 4 circles into quarters.  Glue the folded circles onto the 5th circle with the points together and so they folds are going in the same direction around the circle. You may have to use some glue inside the folds to keep the flower from popping open too much.

For the fluffier denim flower I started with a 3×8 inch piece of denim. Fold it in half, apply glue just to the open edge to hold together. Then cut or fringe the folded edge, try to make each cut the same width. Careful to not cut all the way through the open edge. Once fringed, roll the strip using glue to secure.

I just glued the flowers onto the wrapped wreath.

I can’t decide where I like the wreath best…

I like how it fits in just about anywhere.

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