Game Themed Birthday Party

Well I’m officially in a new club now, I am 40. In an effort to have the best and most fun party ever I asked for a game themed party. My secret mission was to avoid all the over the hill crap, I mean seriously who likes that? We used red and black and a lot of cards for our decorations. I had a lot of fun!!! So here is my Game Themed Birthday Party. Enjoy!

Food Set Up

We had lots of food to keep up all the party goers energy levels. Guesstures an Tenzi really take a lot out of you. Our simple menu included: Subs, Meatballs, nachos, cocktail wieners, fruit and veggie trays, and chips and dip. The idea was to set platters on stacked games for varied height.

The back drop for this table was set up by attaching 3 white plastic table clothes to the ceiling and allowing them to overlap. Then  3 black plastic table clothes were also secured to the ceiling. The black table clothes were folded in half lengthwise before attaching, then gathered midway between the ceiling and table top and secured with ribbon. This created a dramatic diamond effect.


A party isn’t a party with out lots of sugar! So I made sure to have plenty of sugar on hand. For a sugar high we offered our party goers, cupcakes in both white and chocolate, marshmallow pops, black and red licorice, and melted white chocolate with pretzel rods, strawberries, marshmallows, rice krispie treats.

For the dessert table back drop I simply hung two red plastic table clothes from the ceiling. As you can see we used a corner for the dessert table set up. Then I secured lots of medallions and decorations onto the red table clothes.  I used a game board to put the cupcakes on and another for the marshmallow pops.

You know how I love my marshmallow pops. I figured out a great way to add them to this party too. To fit the theme we dipped marshmallows into red chocolate with long candy sticks. Then punched a hole centered on each end of a playing card then put the stick through the card.

I cheated with the cupcakes. They were ordered from the Walmart bakery, a simple order of half white cake and half chocolate with white butter cream frosting.  Using playing cards again we just cut the corner off and poked them into the cupcakes.


On the front of all of the tables  and a few other places we strung card banners. We actually made these two different ways. But looked great.

To make a card banner option 1:

Punch two holes, one in each corner at the top of all the cards. With ribbon strips cut to about 2 1/2 inches long tie the cards together. We alternated black and red cards and spread out the suits.

Option 2:

Do the same as above, punch a hole in the top corners of the cards. This time don’t cut the ribbon. Just string the cards onto the ribbon by putting the ribbon into the hole on the face of the card then under the card and back out the face of the card and then through the next card. Again alternating colors and suits. This way is a bit faster.

We also used playing cards on a square glass container that held red roses. To do this we spread the cards apart so that the card value was shown but also allowing them to overlap. Using tape or glued the cards all the way around the container to hold but for extra secure hold wrap a ribbon around on top of the cards.

I found a few really cheap games with lots of pieces at Goodwill on 1/2 price Saturday. We used the game boards around for decorations and filled a few plain glass vases with all the pieces. They were filled with chess and checker pieces, dice, a variety of place markers. The vases added color and nostalgia to the party.

The medallions and decorations behind the dessert table were fun to make. I raided my paper stash and found all the black, red and white papers I could. Then cut and scored them to make the medallions. Some I glued cards to the center, others had poker chips. I took the top 5 cards to make a poker hand and spread them out then glued them together that way, so a Royal Flush in each hand were represented. Besides the paper medallions I made fun shapes by gluing the cards together.

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