Valentine Sweater Pillow with Blue Buttons

t’s kinda hard to believe Valentine’s Day is coming up already. Must be my age -HA! I usually don’t decorate much for Valentine’s Day, I think it’s because I don’t really have much red or pink in my décor. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to add blue to our family room and really didn’t think blue was very Valentine-y. But then I decided blue can say “I Love You.” So I created this Valentine Sweater Pillow with Blue Buttons.

valentine sweater with blue buttons

I’ve had this sweater in my “it’s too good to toss, I can make something with this” pile for awhile. It’s a nice red sweater, it still had the tags on it. This sweater is from the days when my kids went to school in uniforms and I thought Jackson would wear the sweater to school which obviously he didn’t. valentine sweater pillowYou know my limited sewing skills, this should be easy to make a square pillow case out of a sweater. I still found problems. Who wants to give me some basic sewing lessons so I know where I’m going wrong? Anyway, I turned the sweater inside out to start. Then to me the obvious place to start was at the hem of the sweater, so I pinned it together there where the sweater pattern is different then sewed straight across it. Valentine sweater pillowThe sweater body is not a square like a pillow so I found a straight line in the sweater knitting that went all the way up to the shoulder area and sewed on that line. Then for the other side I stuffed my pillow form in the sweater and found another line to follow. I could have measured but this worked out fine. So up the side from the bottom to the top I sewed.

Then using the neck hole I stuffed the pillow form in again to determine how where to sew the last side and pinned it so I’d have a line to follow. I sewed in from both sides to the neck hole so I could stuff the pillow form back in for the last time. Then hand sewed the sweater cover closed the rest of the way.

I sorted all of the blue buttons I could find. I could have sewed the buttons onto the sweater cover but I cheated and just put red thread in all of the button holes.

valentine pillow buttons threaded With chalk I drew a heart shape centered on the sweater cover. Valentine Sweater chalked heartUsing hot glue I glued all of the blue buttons into a heart shape onto the sweater cover.

Valentine pillow buttonsDon’t the blue buttons say “I Love You?”

valentine pillow on couch

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