Succulent Welcome Sign

Finally we have nice enjoyable weather here in Central Indiana. My kids have already planted my flowers, something they do for me every year for Mother’s Day, so outside of our home is starting to look pretty. When I made the Gold Succulent Jars my dad had brought a lot of Chicks and Hens or succulents from around his yard, too many for just that project. I had to come up with another idea because we just need Chicks and Hens everywhere, inside and out right. I wanted them to be out front near our front door and decided to make a Succulent Welcome Sign. I still had some left over and have planted them around the front walk.

Here’s how I made this Succulent Welcome Sign

I bought an 8 inch cardboard letter “W” at a craft store. Then using a box cutter,an Exacto knife would work too, cut off the top of the letter.

Line the inside of the letter with plastic. I used a plastic baggie. Just glue it in using hot glue then cut off the excess.

With the plastic lining in place fill the letter with soil.

Don’t overfill, keep the soil level with the edge of the letter.

This next step took me the longest to get done. You’re going to wrap the letter in burlap. The burlap will hold the soil in the letter and help the succulents stay in place. Wrap, fold, and tuck the burlap around the letter.  Then gather you succulents, a box cutter and/or scissors, and toothpicks.

Cut a small hole in the burlap where you want to plant a succulent. Using the toothpick to make a hole in the soil, then feed the roots into the hole using the toothpick.

Continue cutting holes and poking succulents into the soil.

Now that you have all the succulents planted set the “W” aside to work on the sign. The letter is 8 inches tall and I wanted the sign to be larger than the letter. I cut pallet pieces 10 inches long. I cut 6 pieces.

Lay out your pieces to fit together nicely and so the better side of the pallet is showing. Once you have your boards the way you want flip them all over but keep them in the same order. Grab another pallet piece or scrap of wood and screw it to your pallet pieces.

After you have your boards secured together turn it back over to the good side. My sign says “Welcome” and we have the “W” done so we need to paint “elcome” on the boards. If you aren’t comfortable free handing the lettering then you can use stencils, or print your words and trace onto the boards leaving an indentation like I did when I made the Autumn Blessing Sign.  I just went for it and painted this free hand because it would go with the rustic-ness of the pallets and burlap. If you try it and aren’t happy you can sand off the paint and try again.

Now you can secure the “W” to the pallets. You can hot glue it down and or add screws through the back of the pallets into the letter.

Chicks and Hens are welcoming friends and family to our home now.

Succulent Welcome Sign


After I started making this sign I thought this would look great for “Summer” or even in you last name. What word would you use succulents to spell out?

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