Autumn Blessings Pallet Sign

Someone is in big trouble now because I can’t stop doing pallet projects!!! They are so easy and basically free or just really cheap. After I made the Pallet Pumpkin I decided my porch needed a sign too.

Here’s how I made this sign:

I started with a pallet board from the same pallet I made the Pallet Pumpkin from. I used PicMonkey and made the printed words “Autumn Blessings,” but you could use a word document. The only tools I used are a saw and sander. I decided on a cream color called Mocha and an olive green paint.

Based on the size of the printed out words I decided on the length of the board and marked it, then cut it with the saw. Then I sanded the piece down, not super smooth just not rough enough to get splinters from looking at it.

Then I coated the sides and face of the board with the mocha color paint. Ok, I didn’t do it because my daughter volunteered to paint it for me. OK!!! Have at it! And Thank you Lissy!!!

Once mostly dry I taped the printed out words to the board.

Now with the print out on the board I traced the letters with a ball point pen pressing firmly. Remember I said mostly dry? That’s because this is what happens if you don’t let the paint dry all the way. But it still turned out great.

Staying in the lines (mostly) I painted the words onto the sign. This time I let it all dry overnight. In the morning I gave it a quick run over with the sander. It makes the painted letters look more even. I’m not the best fine painter around so the letters kinda looked blotchy until I sanded it.  Now it’s on the porch, but I might bring it in if I decide to decorate for fall inside.

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