Victory Crunch Friday Night Light Series

Welcome back to Friday Night Lights!!!  This week’s post is a great snack mix to take to a game or to have to watch from home. I’ve actually shared this recipe with you before- Remember Autumn Crunch and the 4th of July Fireworks Snack Mix  Same recipe just adapted to support my favorite team. Of course right now my favorite team is the high school team my son is on. And the colors are blue, white with orange accents. It was easy to sort through the M & M’s to make this mix the right colors. Most team colors are represented in a bag of M & M’s but if yours isn’t you could visit the baking area to look for some creative additions to your snack mix. Have you seen the Sixlets in almost every color?

A good tip is to add the M & M’s after the almond bark has set for full color. I have found that if you stir too long that the M & M’s will melt. I usually toss a handful into the mix then add the rest to the mix after.

It really cooled off this week so this Victory Crunch will be fine to take to the game and I don’t have to worry that the almond bark would melt right off. Do you remember the labels I made for the Noisemakers? I just printed some of the labels and cut out the Warrior head and added it to the front of a trimmed paper bag, just a quick way to show more spirit while snacking.

See ya next week for more Friday Night Lights ideas!

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