Tile Wipe-Off Activity

This project is great to keep in your on the go bag to keep kiddos busy. You know for times when you need to keep them busy, like when you’re waiting on food at a resteraunt, or when you’re sitting in a waiting area uh, waiting. Sometimes it helps to have lots of activities to distract the kiddos and keep everyone else happy with your (somewhat) quiet kids. This Tile Wipe-Off Activity should provide some quietly busy kids. Here’s hoping anyway!

I found 4 inch tiles for $.05 each at a Habitat Restore. Yes thats right a whole 5 cents! Score! Then I picked up a piece of red stiff felt for $1. and got to work.

For some reason the tiles are called 4 inches but are slightly bigger than 4 inches square. So I cut the felt into a 5 inch strip.

The ribbon I had in my craft supplies. I cut the ribbon to 30 inches long. Using the glue gun, glue the ribbon in the middle of the felt except the side where the crayons will go.

Then glue the tile centered on the felt on top of the ribbon.

Loop the ribbon around the crayons to hold them in place.

Then fold up and tie.

I cut up t-shirts to use as erasers.

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