Gold Painted Succulent Jars

Are you loving gold right now? I am and have been thinking of ways to add it to our home. I’ve also been wanting to add some succulents to our home. So I came up with a way to do both at once. I made DIY Gold Painted Succulent Jars. My husband bought me a terrerium for Christmas and it has sat empty until now. I knew I wanted to put some succulents in there. Succulents are supposed to be easy or hard for me to kill like I kill all house plants.

Gold Painted Succulent Jars

Do you save glass jars? I save as many as I can! When I shared my Kitchen Caddy there was a pickle jar full of dishwasher pods with a painted lid and know in the finished photo. That jar got several comments because it’s an easy thing to do and looks great! These Gold Painted Succulent Jars are super easy and look great too. It’s something everyone can do.  Obviously start with empty, cleaned jars. I found 3 matching pickle jars in my stash, we love pickles around here.

Goof off took off all of the left over lable residue really easily. Try not to touch the outside of the jar much after it’s cleaned to avoid fingerprints so the paint will stick best.

Then mask off the jars in whatever patteren you like, remembering where the tape is will be clear glass, the open spots will be painted.  I wanted thinner lines so just used scissors and cut painters tape in half. I didn’t want the paint to go all the way around the jar or up the jar. I placed a full piece of tap less than half way down the jars so the paint would only be on the lower portion then went for a geometric type design with the tape on the lower portion. and since I didn’t want the top or back painted I covered that with newspaper and tape.

Spray on 2 or more coats of paint. Give the paint time to dry then remove the tape.

Put a layer of rocks in the bottom of the jar. Then roll a piece of cardboard or paper to fit inside the jar and still allow you to add rocks. I used a piece of cardboard from the recycle bin. Using the tube will help keep the rocks pushed to the side of the jar and allow you to put soil in the middle of the jar for the plant. I added rocks to the top of the painted line, put the soil in the tube then filled the rest of the jar with soil.

All of the steps are in this video:

My dad brought me these succulents from his collection around his house. I know you can buy them just about anywhere right now since they are so popular. I’ve seen some really realistic looking fake ones too.

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  1. What type of soil did you use? I love all of these. I have a few succulents outside. I wanted to have a few inside. Like in the bathroom and through out our home. Of curse they make great gifts as well

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