DIY Bracelet Holder from Spindles

Earlier this week I shared with you all the places I have found items to repurpose. So, it should be no surprise that I am sharing a repurposing project right? I bought a used changing table on Craigslist for Sadie. It was well used and falling apart, must be why I got such a deal. It worked fine in the beginning but finally the back section of the top changing area wouldn’t stay together. So those spindles were exposed pointing up. I didn’t want pour Sadie to get poked or even stabbed so I kicked the changing table to the garage where it was dismantled and put in my stash. I like to visit my stash for inspiration, and this week those spindles inspired me to make something.  Let me show you how to DIY a Bracelet Holder from Spindles.

DIY Bracelet Holder

Here is the style of changing table I’m talking about.

If you don’t have a changing table to dismantle you can use dowels or new spindles from the hardware/home improvement store or such. Like these spindles here (affiliate link). This project uses 4 spindles or dowels and a small block of wood for the base. 2 pieces will be your cross parts where the bracelets will hang and 2 pieces will be the upright parts. To start measure the tendon or end of the upright pieces so you know how big of a whole to drill into the cross pieces. Also measure the the main part of the spindle of the upright pieces to know how big of a whole to drill into the base.

Select your forstner bit sizes according to those measurements you have. Find the middle of the 2 cross pieces and drill holes into them with the forstner bit and drill. Do not drill all the way through!

Cut the tenon or ends off the two cross pieces using a jigsaw. You also want to cut one end only off of the upright pieces, that’s the part that will go into the base. You can make the uprights the same length or cut one shorter. I cut one shorter, it will go in front on the finished bracelet holder.

Decide where you want your pieces to sit on the base. I went for 1/2 inch from the front and back edge and centered. Measure, mark and drill out the holes in the base.

Now sand all your pieces.

Clean up to remove left over dust then spray paint in  your desired color. I chose white, I had some left over from Sadie’s Flowery Streamer project.  Once the paint is dry assemble your bracelet holder using glue or adhesive. It might be easier to start by inserting the upright pieces into the cross pieces then once that glue has dried putting the pieces into the base.

Now add your blingy bling and your jewelry is organized!

My dresser and Jewelry area is really coming together. Look below for the other jewelry organizing projects.

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