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Dinosaur party ideas

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted…. I’m back with a PARTY!!! We celebrated Nolan’s 3rd birthday with a dinosaur theme recently. I wanted to share all the party details here with you all.

Let’s start with one of my favorite parts of the party. Here’s how I set up the table.

Dinosaur birthday party - Table set up
Dinosaur birthday party – Table set up

Those cool Dinosaur hats came from the Dollar Tree!! I don’t remember what I was even shopping for when I spotted those babies but my daughter had to hold me back from buying all the hats they had. Of course she was right we didn’t need 49 hats, 6 worked perfectly. Down the center of the table are more party favors with candy inside. Easy peasy baby food jars with spray painted lids, glued on dinosaurs, cute and fun! The green partyware is also from Dollar Tree. The dinosaur stickers throughout the party decorations were found on clearance at Michaels, I liked them because they were more kid friendly and not scary for our 3 year old.

Ok, so yeah I’m silly but my favorite thing from the party was this idea!!! See the T-Rex holding the fork. I think I’m pretty clever for that one, don’t you agree?

What’s a party with out lots of SUGAR!?!?  I mean seriously, sugar overload here at the dessert buffet/hutch. See those dinosaur footprint marshmallow pops on the top shelf? Come back later this week and I’ll tell you how I created those.

The ladies at the Walmart bakery came through for me again. I ordered the icing to look like grass, then just stood some plastic dinosaurs in the icing.

These are my favorite cookies ever ever!!! If you’re from the Indy area do you remember Roselyn’s bakeries? Their iced cookies they made for every season? Mine don’t come out looking the same but the taste, – mmm, takes me back. Oh, they are so good!

Do you dare taking a Dino Bone cookie from the Dino plate? Yes, I really cut a dinosaur in half and glued the top to a plate. He’s cute and scary at the same time.

Cricut + Cardstock + ribbon + dino stickers = A super festive birthday banner. I always hang the birthday banners from the balcony, this time we went a little higher to make it all fit but I’m not sure I like it. It wasn’t as noticeable. We celebrated his birthday a little early so I left the banner up through his birthday.

About 2 weeks before the party Nolan and I made dinosaur eggs using the recipe I found here: http://www.survivingateacherssalary.com/diy-make-your-own-dinosaur-egg-dig-tutorial. We used recipe 1. I didn’t take any pictures of the making or the finished product, oops. Here are the kids digging them up out of the sand box. It was a fun activity that kept them busy between eating and dessert.

I made a quick Dino hair clip for Sadie. It’s just an plain hair clip that I covered with a ribbon using hot glue then hot glued a small plastic dinosaur. I may have gone dino-crazy on that detail but a girl has to accessorize right?

Daddy did it again, I’d consider him an expert watermelon carver. He-he.

Nolan used all the left over stickers and the stickers that I removed from the containers and things to make thank you cards.  He told me what to write then added some design of his own. Frugal yes, but a thoughtful and important lesson to teach him to say thank you!

The dinosaur theme was fun and overall the party came together well. I don’t know how you all plan parties but I tend to come up with way more ideas than I have time to complete. I love planning and hosting parties. The clean up not so much.

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