Pretty bathroom organizing

Happy Snowday! We are snowed in here in central Indiana with a slim chance of getting out tomorrow either. Tomorrow will be day 3 of no school! Ahhh!!! What’s a snowed in momma to do? Clean and organize her home of course.

Today I bring you a quick and simple idea for your bathroom products like makeup and moisturizer and such.
I’ve had the tiered plate try in my kitchen for years and all it seemed to be doing was taking up counter space. I found pretty white plates at the Dollar Tree. I’m sure you’ve seen the brush in glass marbels idea before, look I did it. Good ideas are meant to be copied!!! Found the glass and pretty blue glass marbels at  Dollar Tree too.
So there you have it $5 dollars at Dollar Tree and my little corner in the bathroom looks pretty and everything is within reach. If you don’t already have a tiered tray I have seen them fairly inexpensive at Hobby Lobby and The Christmas Tree Store.
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