Lace earring organizer

Happy New Year friends!!! Are you just going nuts trying to get your home cleaned and organized? I am!!! All of January’s post I will be sharing how I am getting our house in shape! Do you remember my Knobby Jewelry Organizer? Today I’m sharing how I store my earrings with this pretty lace earring organizer.

I found this frame on a garage sale page for a whopping $3!!! Score! It is just hard plastic but I loved the shape and the little roses on it seemed perfectly romantic.


The picture just isn’t my style so it’s bu-bye in the trash. I saved the glass though, who knows when I’ll think of something to do with it.



Spray paint

Rub ‘n buff


Hot glue

I wiped down the frame to have a clean surface to spray. I spray painted it with Krylon Island Splash. I thought it looked similar in color to the knobby jewelry organizer.

Then to highlight the roses I used some Silver leaf Rub ‘n Buff.

To add the lace I just applied a small line of hot glue then using the eraser end of a pencil tapped the lace into the glue. The pencil really will save you from having burnt fingers-trust me (Youch!!)

Then add your beautiful earrings and hang on your wall.


I love it!!!

Thanks for stopping by At Home with Sweet T!!!


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