Knobby Jewelry Organizer

I may have mentioned this before but my husband is a carpenter, he owns his own business (insert shameless plug here: Carpentry Plus). Last year he remodeled a kitchen for a family. After some convincing, he (or his helper) retrieved a few items from the dumpster for me to re-purpose. I wish I could have seen this kitchen before the remodel.

I can’t decide if the kitchen was cute based on the color or an old DIY project gone bad. This is just a drawer front in a lovely blue-tealy color with cute little white ceramic (I think) knobs. I think the drawer and the front were separated in the dumpster tossing. Seeing the front alone with the cute knobs gave me the idea to turn this into a jewelry organizer for my necklaces.
To begin I cleaned the whole piece up because it was gross dirty. Then I removed the knobs, see how gross dirty they were:

div>Yuck!!! I soaked these little guys in vinegar overnight before I could touch them again and clean them up. No worries though the gunk came right off. I decided 4 knobs wouldn’t be enough so I stole knobs from the other rescued drawers.

That’s the drawer I stole from, I only added this pic because I thought it looked like the drawer is looking at you.
Ok, so after all the cleaning then I borrowed hubby’s sander again since it worked so well for me on the Photo Door. I think I am getting lucky with projects turning out so well after just some sanding. I really like that look though and it just made the tealy color so pretty. After I sanded it down, hubby let me borrow his drill (I NEED my own tools, don’t ya think?). I added more holes for the extra knobs. Look at me go:
I like the look of the knobs that they show the screw heads. Of course I had to make sure the slot in every screw head was lined up perfectly. So here’s the finished Knobby Jewelry Organizer
What do you think? I have more jewelry so I think I might use the other rescued drawers for more storage. hmmm.
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