Goodwill Canvas

This is just a quick little Mod Podge project I did recently. Nothing fancy or difficult. I have been making very regular stops at our local Goodwills (3 are reasonably close to me). A recent trip turned up this cute 10 x 10 canvas for $2:
I’m sure it was very cute in a little girl’s bedroom at one time. I didn’t have a plan for the butterfly I just wanted it because it was canvas and $2. Our family room is really blah and I’m slowly adding pops of color here and there. We recently sold our (hubby’s from his bachelor days) tan sectional, and replaced it with my green couch that had been-the clean laundry landing zone-in the master since we moved in. My husband is not a big fan of green but I want to make the couch fit in.
Inspiration  Motivation struck one day so I grabbed the butterfly, scrapbook papers, navy craft paint, and mod podge. It took several layers of the navy paint to hide that pink. I got scared after 3 layers because all I could see was purple
It might be hard to tell from that photo but the edges looked purple to me. Love my painting surface-local sale ad? Finally I was able to achieve a navy edge. I stopped worrying about covering the butterfly on layer 5 of the paint, I was just going to cover it anyway with the scrapbook paper. It just so happens that I had a stack of awesome scrapbook papers in 8 x 8 size, no trimming necessary-Yay! Bye-Bye butterfly…Hello gorgeous blue green paper meet my friend Mod Podge:
A couple of coats later and I had forgotten all about the butterfly. Do you recognize this finished project? I shared a sneak peek when I showed my yarn wrapped letters. The grey letters go nicely with the blues and greens, I think. I’m sure this piece will get moved around the room regularly because I really like the colors.

That’s all I have today. I hope you have a great weekend! My first born turns 15 and my cousin is getting married so we have a busy weekend ahead. I am off to finish a wedding gift.

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