J, M, N – Yarn wrapped letters.

Have you seen all the great projects out there using yarn? Yarn is popping up everywhere, like on wreaths and letters. Well, here’s how I joined in the yarn wrapping fun.

Awhile back I found a great deal on cardboard letters at Joann’s. I didn’t exactly have a plan but purchased each of my kiddos’ first initial anyway. A few weeks later while cruising the tiny craft area of our local Walmart I spotted cheap gray yarn. That’s when the light-bulb went off to wrap those letters in gray yarn.

Jackson is my oldest so I started with the letter “J”. It’s a good thing I started with the easiest letter otherwise I’m not sure I would have finished the project.
iv>I like how it turned out. I secured the loose ends on the back side with a dab of hot glue. Then I started Melissa’s “M”. Oh boy did I struggle, in fact, I stopped and hid the project for awhile because this “M” gave me such fits. At one point I put the “M” to the side and started on “N” and then hid it all again (heehee). I was determined to have some finished projects at my

I think the “M” has as much hot glue as it does yarn on it. I’m pleased with the final result though.

iv>Nolan’s “N” wasn’t as difficult as the “M” but still tough in those tight corners. At least it didn’t have a point.

When idea hit me to do this project I envisioned the letters being in our (small) entry on the shelf to the coat hooks. Last year my husband made the perfect combo of coat hooks and cubbies to set just inside our front door. The shelf above the hooks has been a spot for collecting random things – (like the baby’s sunglasses that photo-bombed the “N”).
I’m still playing with how to decorate and accessorize that space. I think the Yarn Wrapped Letters look at home there though.
Some tips for anyone wanting to wrap your child’s initial in yarn:
1. Only do so if your child’s name begins with easy letters like “J”. I think “C” would be easy too.
2. Change your child’s name if it begins with “M”. And probably “W”. Nicknames are cute.
Ok, some serious tips:
1. It’s ok if the letter is a bunch of short pieces of yarn, hide the ends on the back and nobody will know.
2. If you were stupid enough (like me) to name your child a name that begins with a tough letter like “M”, use  a pointy item like scissors to push (jam) the yarn into those tight corners.
3. Try the flossing technique-leave slack and wiggle and pull until the yarn is in the tight point then pull the yarn tight, slowly because it can jump out of the tightest corner.
Hmmm, I am in a silly mood over yarn wrapped letters…too many long nights crafting and blogging already?
Have a sweet day my Sweets

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