Dad’s Meatloaf

Do you crave home cooked, savory, comfort foods when you think of fall? I sure do. Since September is the unofficial beginning of fall it’s all I can think about and since I’m thinking about these types of meals it’s what on our menu too. Yeah, so not loosing any weight this fall/winter at this point. This recipe is from my Dad and it’s not even specific with measurements and stuff, it’s just how he told me to make it. You see, I am a PICKY eater- I never ate meatloaf when I was a kid. Then all of a sudden as a wife and mom it sounded good but I didn’t have a clue how to make it. Mom made it when I was a kid but knew that when Dad retired he took over the cooking duties for awhile. He was so excited when I called to ask him how he makes his meatloaf. I’ve been making it this way for a few years now and the kids (and hubby) love it.
Dad’s ingredient list:
Ground beef -I used 2.25lbs.
Stove Top Stuffing-I use Savory Herbs flavor
Worcestershire Sauce
1-2 eggs
cubed Cheese-We use Colby Jack.
Combine all ingredients, except the cheese in a large bowl. The night I took the pictures for this post my daughter wanted to help. Of course, I was more that happy to let her stick her hands in the cold squishy meat. Seriously, I’ve tried to use a spoon and it just doesn’t blend together like it does when you stick your hands in there and squish-I do remember mom doing it this way too (that was my clue to make myself a PBJ instead). The Stove Top Stuffing is perfect for this, it adds a bread type material that is in every meatloaf recipe I’ve seen and it already has the seasoning, including onions. I used the whole box but think next time I’ll use less-remember PICKY. For the mustard and Worcestershire sauce add as much or as little as you like. I’m not a big fan of mustard so I don’t add a lot but I like the flavor the Worcestershire sauce combined with the bread from the stuffing makes. I use a lot of ketchup.

After all the ingredients are combined transfer to a baking pan, I use a glass 9 x13 pan. Dad’s instructions were to make a loaf and then create a well down the center. The well is a genius idea but I’ve discovered when I cook this much meat it does better if I make two loaves. Now that the loaves are formed you can poke in the cheese. If it works for you to add it sooner do but this is how it works for us. We cover each loaf with cheese cubes then start poking them in. Also per Dad’s instructions cover the loaf with ketchup and spread.

Sorry, not a pretty picture but I wanted to show the well and ketchup smearing.  My daughter did everyting with little help from me to this point. For some reason my kids have a fear of placing things in the oven. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

div>Yet again, another beautiful picture-NOT!  See how the cheese works its way to the surface, that’s why we poke ours in last. This makes enough for my family of 5-hard-working hubby, high school football player, swimmer girl, eats too much mom and baby- with leftovers. This isn’t really a recipe but a suggestion. Don’t we all have “recipes” like this to our favorite meals.

Have a great weekend my Sweets,

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