Personalized Wedding Gift

Well this weekend we went to a fun wedding for my cousin Megan and her new husband Dustin. I’ve been really looking forward to her wedding especially after she told me her theme was baseball. My wedding was baseball themed, in fact we had the reception at Victory Field for the Indianapolis Indian’s opening night.
I wanted to share the gift I made for the newlyweds.

This was my first time using vinyl in my Cricut. Now I know why there are so many projects out there with vinyl. It’s so easy and makes everything look so professional.
So to start I found this framed picture of a flower at Goodwill:
Um yeah, I don’t get the picture but the frame was $8 and in great shape. When I was shopping for the right frame I made sure that there was a large enough lip around the glass to hide the brads that would hold the glass in place. I removed the photo and cardboard backing. The frame does have some minor scratches so I gave it a few coats of black satin spray paint. Then using my cricut I cut the couples last name, est., and 2012.
I did have to reapply a few of the letters because my spacing was off and the “d” wouldn’t fit but I was surprised how forgiving the vinyl is. I thought I was going to have to re-cut their last name. Yay! I see so many more vinyl projects in my future. Oh and yes, the happy couples real last name is Drinkard.
I started wrapping the gift and then realized I hadn’t taken a photo of the finished product. I tried to do it while I was wrapping but that was no good so I panicked and ran outside with it. Getting a family of 5 gussy-ed up is tough. Even though I was outside for a few minutes, my husband found me to ask my opinion on his vest. I was too distracted to take more than a couple pictures.
And do you think that with all 5 of us gussy-ed up we got 1, just 1 picture of the 5 of us. Nope. Figures doesn’t it. My sister did manage to snap this photo of me with the beautiful bride.
And because I mentioned my baseball themed wedding here’s a picture from my wedding.
I hope the Newlyweds like their gift. I know I would have loved it, and I might just make one for us.
Have a great week!

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