Every Halloween we make a Scareman to guard our home during Halloween. At least, that’s what I believe he’s doing sitting out there for the whole month. Scareman has made some changes and improvements over the years.
Here’s what you’ll need to make a Scareman:
newspaper or any paper from the recycle bin (we used old phone books this year)
Clothing-pants, shirt, shoes
Plug-in pumpkin
twine or rubber bands
1. Tie or put rubber bands around the ends of both pant legs and shirt sleeves.
2. Crumple and stuff, crumple and stuff, and crumple and stuff some more. You want to be able to bend your Scareman at the knees, bottom, and shoulders.
3. Assemble your Scareman.

This year in order to get him to sit on the chair I had to duct tape the back of the pants to the chair. For us it works to just set the stuffed shirt on top of the open stuffed pants. To help keep the pumpkin head in  place, run the cord down the back of the shirt. For a few years this was our Scareman, not really scary but I think Jackson thought he would scare someone. We’ve had different pumpkin faces, different clothes. At some point we went scary-er by adding a werewolf costume.
Yes, Scaremen wear Nike tennis shoes. They do if that’s all you can find that you want to leave to sit outside all month.
We probably should have stopped at just the pumpkin head this year. Nolan is terrified of our Scareman. (This was the only picture taken and I quickly took him away, I’m not a mean mommy)

I jokingly said something about sitting on the Scareman’s lap and tell him what your favorite kind of candy is. Hey! We might be on to something-works for Santa. I hope Nolan learns to like the Scareman tradition because the older kids aren’t that into it anymore.  Scareman is the beginning of Halloween decorating here.
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