Craft Party

Over the Labor Day weekend I hosted a craft party. Invitations were sent out over Facebook to a few family and friends. I intended to have a small party because I don’t have a lot of work space. Well,it was a very SMALL party of 2. Yep, my only guest was my sweet sister in law (SIL). The plan was to get rid of some extra scrapbook and craft supplies so re-organizing my “studio” would be easier. Oh well, I still had a great time crafting and chatting with my SIL. Since the beginning of September is the unofficial start of FALL, I wanted the party set up to feel fallish. We love homemade Chex Mix here so I made a double batch, one for the family to snack on and one for all of my party guests, lol. I also found a great recipe online for carmel apples. I mean what’s a fall party without carmel apples. Oh so yummy!!! Here is how I set up the snack table:
Of course, I served sweet tea! The other glass container is Apple Cider, mmmm. I purchased a roll of brown kraft paper at the Dollar Tree and covered our work space and the snack area with it. Then, I cut small strips of the kraft paper and tied them around some Ball jars and tall glass containers with string. The carmel apples are on paper doilies. The Chex mix is in paper bags that I cut short.

My SIL brought a few projects to work on. Her family recently had a photo shoot while on vacation so she printed some of the pictures in wallet sizes and made the photos into tags. She said she always forgets to get a card to go with gifts now she can just tie on her cute photo tag and ta-da, done. Great idea!!! I worked on a few projects. I made a Fall banner that needs a few more finishing touches then will be ready to show later this month. I also, finished wrapping cardboard initials in yarn to put in our entry…that is not a quick task! I was able to make a few cards for upcoming birthdays and holidays. As always, I had hoped to get more projects done. I’m just a slow crafter or maybe I was chatting too much. I was so disappointed about the small party that I forgot to take pictures of us crafting. I haven’t decided if I will host another craft party again or not, the idea sounds great. -Tracy

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