A Lesson in Teacher Gifts

f your assignment this year is to find the perfect gift for the teachers in your life or your children’s lives then sit up and pay attention to this Lesson in Teacher Gifts! Let’s spoil those who are way underpaid for all the time they give.

Gift Guide for teachers

Did you know I am a former preschool teacher and teacher’s assistant? I’m still friends with former co-workers and have made other teacher friends through my children’s education. I recently asked them all what was on their wish lists. Not surprising, the responses they all responded how much just a handwritten note means to them. Also not surprising is that teachers will write thank you notes after receiving any gift.  It seemed only fitting to team up with The Stationery Studio to bring you not only great gift ideas for the great teachers in your life but also a fabulous GIVEAWAY!!! (more on that later)

1. The Stationery Studio

From the responses I was given by my teacher friends I know they would love a great personalized gift from The Stationery Studio.

2. Inspirational Wall Plaque

If you’re not good with words to included in a personal note, that’s okay, let this wall plaque say it for you.

#3 Coffee Gift Basket

So many teachers need coffee to get through the day.

#4 Laptop Bag on Wheels

We all know that teachers pull long hours and sometimes at home. A rolling bag would be a great solution to get papers and gradebooks home safely.

#5 Class Set of Supplies

Teachers often buy class supplies with their own money. Gifting you teacher and class with a set of supplies would take you to the head of the class.

#6 Inspirational Books

Say thank you with a book for of inspiration just for teachers.

#7 Bracelet Charm

Obviously this isn’t for your male teachers but if your female teacher has a charm bracelet this would be the perfect charm to add.

#8 Teacher Ornament

Deck the teacher’s tree with ornaments to remind them how wonderful they are all season long.

#9 Gourmet Chocolates

Spoil your teacher with chocolates!

#10 Encouraging Stamps

These stamps would make grading papers fun!

I’m sure you have much more shopping to do than just for the fabulous teachers in your life right? Do you know what to get those movie lovers? Or Book Worms? Snow Lovers? Linen Lovers? etc? We have done the work for you and have a guide for everyone on your shopping list this season.

All of these guides are brought to you by these fabulous bloggers:


As promised, this gift guide has a bonus giveaway. a Rafflecopter giveaway Who’s ready to get this Christmas shopping done? These guides are to help you shop for others but I want to know what you want this year. In the comments below tell me what’s on your wish list! Thanks for stopping by At Home with Sweet T!!! -Tracy

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