Easy DIY Gold Polka Dot Sweater

It’s unofficially the start of fall and I am so happy!!! I love fall!!! Ok, I love when it feels like fall, I love pumpkin patches, I love apples and I love football (duh) oh I could go on and on! Today as I write this post is very humid out and I don’t like that.

The actual weather didn’t stop me from thinking about fall fashion. I know I’m not fashionista but I try to look nice. Ok I try to look nice when I am not wearing paint clothes or comfy clothes. Ha! So one thing I’ve noticed when I was looking at some fashion predictions was gold. I think I’m ready to add some gold to my wardrobe.  So I created a great fall sweater from a clearance sweater and some gold painted polka dots.

That’s right a clearance sweater. This summer while I was checking out the clearance racks at Kohl’s I came across this awesome cream sweater for……. $5! Yep $5 for a new Daisy Fuentes sweater. I couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.  Before I even checked out with it I decided I was going to paint gold polka dots on it.  Somewhere (forgive me for not knowing where) I saw someone wearing a sweater with large polka dots and wanted a sweater just like it. I hadn’t seen one yet so why not diy-it myself right?!

boots and gold polka dot

To make this sweater I cut a 2 1/2 inch circle in vinyl using my Cricut.  I actually cut a few but only need one. I used Martha Stewart Multi-surface gold paint since it works well on fabric.
I started with the bottom corner for my 1st dot using a foam brush because that’s what I had and pouncing the paint on like you would with any stencil. I didn’t do any measuring as I painted more dots I tried to use the vinyl as a guide of how far to space the dots. It worked out for the most part.

I only painted the front of the sweater but I think it would look good with polka dots on the sleeves and the back too.

The other thing I noticed being hot this year for fashion was denim so I paired the sweater with a denim/chambray top for a great fall look.

I was more than happy to break out my boots for this look.

How would you wear a Gold Polka Dot Sweater???

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