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From Doors to Windows….

So if you follow me on Instagram you saw that my husband was so very sweet and brought me home not flowers but something far better- windows. He went dumpster diving for me! It didn’t take long for me to decide one of the windows was going in our Master bedroom.

I have always wanted a put together- let’s escape to our- Master bedroom, you know all decorated perfectly etc. Well our bedroom is far from that, it’s a total hodge podge. We don’t even have a headboard anymore, mis-matched night stands an extra couch and recliner stored in there. Total hodge podge desperately needing work!  I think this You & Me window will get me started on putting some order and getting our room looking good.

The window is obviously old and dirty-the old I like and the dirty well I just cleaned it up. I took a scraper and scraped off just the paint that was already flaking off because I wasn’t going for a total distressed look here. After I scraped and cleaned I taped off the painted wood so I could paint the windows…..NOT with chalkboard paint this time.  Aren’t you Instagram followers lucky- you knew that I was trying out Krylon Looking Glass spray.

Let me just complain about the weather- everytime I had time to work it was either raining or too windy to spray this outside. Finally we got a break and I ran the window outside and sprayed. It takes lots of coats but they go on quick and easy, I only had to wait 2 minutes between coats (The time it took to take a sneak peek and post it to Instagram). This spray paint is very smelly so it was a good thing I found a chance to take it outside to spray, so please if you use this product do it in a well ventilated area. Since I was spraying windows I could place something dark behind the glass to see if I had enough coverage or look at the back of the glass through the front.

I let the paint set overnight before I removed the painters tape. Look happened!!! I was almost in tears but just keeping working with it to see how far off it was from my vision if I continued on as planned.

Using my Cricut and the “Storybook” cartridge I cut “YOU & ME” in black vinyl.  Then applied the letters to the painted panes. Looking at the picture I can see that the letters aren’t perfectly lined up. The vinyl was peeling the looking glass paint off so I didn’t have a chance to adjust them.

repurposed window for Master bedroom

I added some hardware to the back of the window to hang it. Here it is above our bed.

Well, it’s a start to a dreamy Master Bedroom. Have you repurposed a window?

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