Pallet Pumpkins

Can you believe I am just now trying a pallet project!?!? Seriously, I’ve had pallets laying around and ideas to use them for awhile but haven’t actually done it until now. I think you’re going to love what I did for my first pallet project too. Pallet Pumpkins!!! Perfect for fall!!!

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So here’s how I made them:


To remove the boards from the pallet I used a pry bar. I think the weathered wood made it easier for the boards to come off. I did try to go easy because the weathering also made the boards want to split. I got 3 boards off in 1 piece. Ok I got 1 board off after my husband got the first two off. I had asked him for a pry bar and next think I know he had two boards off.  It only took 1 board to make the pumpkin so let’s just say I used the board I got off the pallet, Ok?  My pallet board is 6 1/4 inches wide.


I noticed the end of the board had split some so with as square I drew a starting line past all the splitting. Then I found a round object (in my case a paint container) and lined it up on the line and the edge and traced the curve on both sides.

Then I measured 12 inches from the starting line and made another line. The back piece is approximately 12 inches long. I repeated making the curved marks using the same round object at this line. Then with a jig saw I cut on the lines I had made.

Once this first piece is cut I then used the square and gave myself a starting line and an ending line 10 inches away, the middle piece is approximately 10 inches tall. Now this piece also needed to be skinnier to do this I measured in from both sided 1/2 inch and made marks. Then I took the first piece I had cut out and lined it up with the 1/2 inch marks and end marks and copied the curve for all four corners. I repeated the same steps for the third piece this time at 8 inches tall and coming in 1 inch on the sides.  After all three pieces had been cut I looked at the scraps and thought a curved piece would make the perfect stem.

Once all 3 pumpkin parts had been cut I took a sander to them to clean them up a bit but not too much because I wanted them to be distressed looking, after all they are pallets.

Once sanded I quickly applied a coat of orange craft paint to the pumpkin parts and some green paint I had on hand to the stem.

To assemble I used wood glue, putting the glue on the smaller piece and not too close to the edge so once clamped the glue wouldn’t squish out. I left them clamped together overnight.

And that was it. It really was easy!!! I am really proud of myself for making this cute pallet pumpkin on my own with powertools.  I only made one but I think he is feeling lonely so I may have to make up a few more buddies for him soon. with different curves and different lengths I think.

Here he is on the porch with my Fall Wreath from a couple of years ago and a pretty fall mum. I know my porch needs some work to be fall-tastic but this pumpkin pallet is a good start.

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