Jello Easter Chicks

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle…. I’m such a kid but I love Jello. These Jello Easter Chicks turned out so cute.
Jello Easter Chicks

Here’s what you’ll need to make these cuties:

Island Pineapple Jello (yellow)

Baby food jars or these plastic tumblers would work too.

Cardstock or Construction paper in yellow, orange and black


regular hole punch, scissors and (optional) Flower shaped punch

One box of Jello made enough for 5 baby food jars. Just make the jello according to the package directions, then pour into the jars to refrigerate. It was helpful to set all the jars in a flat container.

While you wait for the Jello to set you can get your paper supplies ready. Paper, punches, adhesive and scissors.

Since I made 5 chicks I needed 10 eyes and 5 beaks. The eyes are easy, just punch those with a regular hole punch out of black paper. For the beaks make a fold in the orange, less that an inch. Cut triangles on the fold with the wide part being at the fold.

I used the flower punch to make the wings. I punched 10 from yellow paper and folded in half. If you don’t have a flower punch or something similar you could fold the paper in half and cut scalloped semi circles on the fold. Or whatever shape you think would be a cute chick wing.

After the Jello has refrigerated and set up then remove from the fridge and let set to get warm slightly. The glass jars will sweat and all the condensation doesn’t work when you’re trying to glue something to the glass. Or you can be impatient like me and microwave the jars for 15 seconds. You can refrigerate again after you get the chick all put together. Before gluing on the chick parts it’s a good idea to wipe off the jars. I think the chick part placement is pretty self explanatory.

Wouldn’t these look so cute on the kiddie table for your Easter celebration? Happy Easter!

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