Painted Vase Craft Fail

I wasn’t sure if I should write this post, it’s a craft fail after all and I thought who wants to see how I didn’t do a project. But in the spirit of “keepin it real” and to prove we are all human I decided to show you how not to make a painted vase, craft fail.

My daughter had gotten flowers from her grandmother for her birthday so once the flowers had all died we had this plain but large vase. It was sitting on the kitchen counter when I was about to take it out to the recycle bin but then got an idea of a different use for it.

I was going to make a utensil holder for beside the stove to match other things in our kitchen. Visions of these nicely painted vases from Sugar and Charm were in my mind.

Inspiration vases from Sugar and Charm.

So I cleaned it up with vinegar to remove dirty flower water residue left inside. Once cleaned and dried I got out my favorite kitchen paint color, Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon. Did you know it came in these little paint cans, not just spray paint? I love this color, it’s the color I used on the Kitchen Caddy and Bread Tin.

I poured some paint into the vase and slowly inverted it turning slowly to coat the entire inside of the vase. If I found holes I touched them lightly with a paint brush but made sure not to leave brush marks.


When the entire inside was coated I left it upside down on to small blocks to allow air to flow inside and the extra paint to drip out. So not only did the extra paint drip out but most of the paint came out. That’s when the fail happened. NOOOOO!!! And the paint seperated. So I suppose my lesson was wrong paint. At least it was a free vase that I tried this on. It’s now trashed and maybe I will try again another time after I’m done crying. Lol


Hopefully my next post isn’t a fail….

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