Spooky Spider Wreath

Spooky Spider Wreath

How do you feel about spiders? I am not a fan of the real guys but the fake ones I’ll allow to hang out on the front porch for Halloween. I’ve kinda got a spider theme going on. I hope you made a Spider Doormat because it looks even spookier when you hang this Spooky Spider Wreath with it.

Part of the prep work for this project involved sweeping off the real spiders and webs from the porch. Ew! Yuck!

You can find all the supplies to make a Spooky Spider Wreath at a dollar store or craft store. A white foam wreath is perfect since you will be covering it with white spider webbing. The package of webbing has enough to make several wreaths and came with some spiders. I also found more spiders and spider rings to use. You’ll also need a hot glue gun. The skewers are optional.

Open the webbing, unfold and stretch it out. Using your glue gun add dabs of glue to the back of the wreath form, wrap the webbing around to the back and tap the ends into the glue. Keep pulling and stretching until the wreath is covered and you cant see the foam underneath.

Next pull off a section of webbing. Leaving the middle in tact as much as you can start separating the ends and twisting them. We will use this to create a web in the center of the wreath. Glue a spider on to the middle of this “web.” Continue to twist the strands up to the spider. Place the spider in the center of the wreath then wrap the ends around the wreath and flip it over.

Unwrap the strands and glue them in place to the back of the wreath, leaving the ends long. After you have the strands all glued in place take the ends and start knotting them around the like a web.

Add some more spiders to the sides of the wreath with just a little glue. Loop a piece of ribbon through to use to hang.

Here’s the optional part. I always have a mum by our door in the fall. Glue a spider to the end of the skewers and poke into a plant.

For the whole set up I glued more spider web to the bottom back of the wreath and spread it out to the flowers below, and added a few more spiders. Now it looks like a whole spider family is living around my door and flowers….that’s spooky!!!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween full of fun with a little spookiness.

Thanks for Stopping by At Home with Sweet T!!!


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