Spider Halloween DoorMat

Are you ready to get spooky with your Halloween Decor? What’s scarier than spiders?!?!?! This Spider Halloween DoorMat is perfectly spooky to greet your Halloween guest this season.

Halloween Door Mat


I started with a doormat I picked up for about $6 at Ikea. Here’s a good one from Amazon to use: Coco Doormat (affiliate link). When I saw the orange stripes I immediately thought Halloween!!! Of course I jumped right in on doing this project and forgot to take a before of the rug.

Use a cutting machine to make a spider or a spider stencil. I used my Cricut to cut this spider out of vinyl. If you don’t have a cutting machine a stencil like this would work:Spider stencil. Because the top of the rug is the ends of fibers it is hard to get anything to stick to it. For that reason I used the stencil brush and pounced the black paint on.

After you have a painted spider in the middle of the rug you can create the web. I just used painter’s tape. To form the web start by connecting the each leg to the next with the appropriate size piece of tape. Next apply tape from the point from the ring you just created out to the edge of the rug. Then create additional rings going outward.

Paint the web the same way with pouncing the black paint.

Remove the tape when dry. Now you have a fun but yet creepy Halloween Decoration.

Add some candy and you are ready to greet those little creatures of Halloween Night. Maybe you’ll have some cute trick or treaters like this cute little bee or shark.  Of course this Spider Doormat will fit in with my Spooky Luminaries.

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